The heat and humidity is found around the two Tropics that is, the Tropic of Cancer and the Tropic of Capricorn. The heat and humidity has two fundamental assortments i.e., the Tropical Dry Climate and the Tropical wet Climate.

This kind of atmosphere is found in practically the entirety of the hot deserts of the world that incorporate the Sahara Desert, the Arabian Desert, the Australian desert and the Indian desert; to give some examples. The trademark highlight of this sort of Climate is the extraordinary warmth and cold of the mid year and winter seasons individually and an insufficient precipitation. To take a common model we think about the world popular city of Cairo.

At Cairo, the complete yearly precipitation is just one inch and the temperatures differ significantly in summer and winter. On one hand, at the tallness of summer, the early afternoon thermometer can undoubtedly surpass 110 F while then again during an extreme virus spell in winter, the air temperature can plunge under 40 F.

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